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Traffic Power the aggressive SEO Company
There has been a lot of buzz in forums and in message boards on how search engines have to handle the bad ethics of a bad practice SEO company, Search engines are there to provide relevant information to users, They are using lots of advanced algorithms to rank different sites in their database. But there are some companies who figure out the way the sites rank in the search engine algorithm and use some bad unethical tactics to rank their client sites.

Search engines have always frowned on these types of unethical practices by some SEO companies. But Search engines like Google have always liked to fight spam using automated spam filters, This is because if one spammer is suppressed now an other one will rise using the same tactic, SO if they fight a particular tactic with automated filters they can prevent further exploit by companies using the same tactic, This is very good on the part of search engines. But sometimes they do manual penalties too when some SEO company frustrates using the same tactic again and again to lots of clients. One such company is Traffic power.

Traffic Power is a company which is involved in advertising and marketing but concentrating in SEO optimization. It is based in Las Vegas, Nevada.Their marketing tactics have always brought a lot of anger and frustration among other SEO companies. Their main targeted customers are innocent website owners and webmasters. Traffic Power just calls them by phone and explains to them about the nature of the SEO business and they give fancy offers to clients saying they will get very good ranking in major search engines. Many people have fallen for this type of marketing hype. Infact the very concept of using telemarketing methods is not very acceptable when it comes to SEO companies. Due to their ignorance many companies have fallen prey to these techniques and paid huge amounts to Traffic Power to get their sites ranked high in major search engines.

Infact Traffic power did what they said by phone.They got good ranking for their clients.Everything was working well for Traffic Power when suddently fate struck them. Problem came from the tactic they used to rank their client sites.Some of them have had their sites banned by Google while others are suffering great financial losses.

They used a technique called Javscript Mouseover redirect, They create many keyword rich spam doorway pages and when a person lands on this doorway page from the search engine he is immediately redirected to the appropriate business page, This happens when the person does a mouseover on the page itself. In other words Traffic Power has been using a bannable technique to raise traffic for their clients. They create keyword rich pages and add a javascript mouse over redirect to that page. The users ignore the page they land on and concentrate on the page they are finally redirected to.

This technique is not appreciated by search engines.Google especially is very strict on these type of tactics.They are aggressive towards people who use these tactics and ban them if those SEO companies use it to manipulate their search results.

Another tactic used by traffic power to improve rankings is the use of doorway pages. Doorway pages are machine generated pages having excessive use of keywords, unrelated text, uses strings of words rather than complete sentences and lacks in unique content. The use of doorwaypages is also a technique frowned upon by Google. These doorway pages also had links to other client websites and the own network of traffic power.

Another technique that is being used is the renaming of doorway pages. They even have a page giving a brief distinction between advertising pages and doorway pages. Traffic Power says that advertising pages contain site related text and has a significant amount of unique content. Google however seems to disagree with all this. They consider these advertising pages and doorway pages to be the same. Anybody going in for search engine optimization should take care not to be fooled by these dirty tricks.

Google started removing some pages of the clients of TP ( trafficpower ). When a thread was started in webmasterworld.com, leading forum for webmasters by some stranger, a Google employee named GoogleGuy said they detected these type of pages and it was removed.

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