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Site banned by Search Engines : How to resurrect?
It is indeed a terrific problem if your site is banned by the search engines. It is pointless getting jittery. You will have to think of ways and means of restoring your site.

You suddenly notice one fine morning that all your web pages have disappeared from the Google index. There are those who find that the search engine is gradually removing one page at a time, then the home page, and finally they are left with none at all.

More often than not, you will know the reason why Google, Yahoo!, Ask.com, MSN Search or any other search engine banned your site. Despite this, most people ask with feigned innocence why the search engines banned their sits. For the purposes of this article, let us assume you do no know why Google, Yahoo!, Ask.com, MSN Search or any other search engine has decided to ban your site and your web pages and try to find solutions.

First check whether the disappearance of your pages is accidental. For instance, verify: if someone has inadvertently stopped the search engine spiders from entering your site. If your web server has too much downtime, then it might also be the cause. If that is the case, get a new web host or new and stable web server.

One more reason may be the ban became necessary someone had copied your site. The search engine finding two identical pages banned your site, not knowing which the original site is. If this is the case, you must search Google for a text string that is unique for your web pages and spot if you can the culprit. Then remove the offending site but make sure you inform the search engine about the matter.

Sometimes, you site is banned because the search engine suspects you are causing mischief. You have done things in violation the search engine's written or un-written anti-spam regulations. In other words, there is something about your site that leads the search engine to believe you are trying to tamper your search engine rankings.

Search engines make it clear that you should make pages intended for browsers, not for search engines with rankings in mind. There are some golden rules such as: avoid hidden text or hidden links and cloaking; stay away from sending automated queries to search engines; not post content with irrelevant words and phrases; avoid creating multiple pages and sub-domains and duplicate content. However, search engines will not ban your site if you sporadically sprinkle relevant key words or phrases thought the text, as long as the copy has cogency.

Staying ahead of Internet search engine practice is a time-consuming affair. Search engine ban is applied suddenly and it may take months to lift the ban. If you are at fault, better be apologetic and mend fences with the search engines. Send the search engine a letter profusely apologising for your indiscretionary behavior and for what you or your marketing team has done. You assure the search engine that ypu will never again indulge in such illegitimate activities.

To successfully obtain results from search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask and Lycos involves mutual co-operation. You must help them meet their objectives as well as yours, and not try to act cleverly hoodwinking them into giving you an undeserved ranking on their results pages. Misleading people to coming to your site when they really should be somewhere else does not in any way help you.

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