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How to get meximum benefits from Search Engines by good coding

We all know good coding is always a boost in search engine rankings. If we have a clean HTML coding every search engine will love to index our site. JavaScript, Frames, .INC files, .LBI files are always a small barrier to search engines. I can see today's search engines particularly google can understand any sort of Crap coding but still they don’t give the best PR to pages which it finds difficult to crawl. We all know how important Page Rank is to a site so it is important we give the best coding to the search engines.

Very important thing when designing a site is to make sure we make the site navigation as friendly as possible, we have to make the site with the best navigation for the crawlers to dip deep into the site. If your Web pages are not accessible to a spider, no amount of content optimisation, Website popularity or submitting to search engines will improve their performance -- they simply won’t be added to the index.

Some of the things Search Engines find difficult to crawl is Flash, DHTML, Javascript etc. Make sure you use all these things to the minimum level on the site.

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