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Ranking dropped from the top spots in Search Engines
You often hear this complaint that my search engine ranking has dropped. This is only to be expected as Google, Yahoo, MSN and the other engines are constantly in a state of flux. Most webmasters are caught unaware when they suddenly discover their ranking has dropped and the traffic has dwindled.

Those who are making money online, losing ranks can adversely affect their earnings. Still worse, for those who are abjectly dependent on websites for their livelihoods, losing all search engine traffic can be simply disastrous.

When sites lose traffic and drop down in the rankings, the one thing everyone immediately thinks of is - a penalty has been applied to their sites. Penalties are certainly applied by search engines but only when you have resorted to some undesirable activity like using cloaking, hidden text, doorway pages, keyword stuffing or link farms etc.

Recovering from a penalty is long-drawn, but it is relatively simple. First, remove all suspicious stuff from your site including everything that a search engine might detest. Once you are certain there is nothing left on your domain that can be even remotely deemed fishy, then file a reinclusion request with the concerned search engine.

Most of us in the field of search marketing are often obsessed with the ranking and try to make search engine ranking more complicated than it really is. There are innumerable ways to build a link. One could employ a range of keywords and adopt many innovative sources to drive traffic.

The one popular method most people use is keyword density. There is no denying that if use the right and relevant keywords at appropriate places will got you the top rankings. It is advisable to use the keyword once or even a second time a variation of the keyword in the title tag provided it makes meaning and does not appear artificially thrust. The keyword may be deployed minimum three times in the content or if the content is large, a few more times. You can also make the keyword appear once in bold type. Make sure the keyword appears once in the alt tag of an image and again once in the URL. Avoid using keyword in link anchor text on the page itself. It is pointless indiscriminately over using the keywords all over the page, as it will not produce the expected results - although you may derive some extra value by going wild.

There is what is known as Page Rank or link power. You can achieve this by providing internal links from your own site and external links from other sites. Here lies the secret. A page with an extraordinary amount of link power rank remarkably well in Google and Yahoo even if the sources are not particularly relevant and the keywords are sparingly used. This may not apply to MSN and certain other search engines which focus largely on keyword and subject on hand.

Next, we should understand the importance of what those familiar with search engine call anchor text. By weighting the keywords and phrases pages used to link, browsers could get a clearer idea about the page contents and their relevance to particular subjects. The anchor text of links is becoming a critical part of the ranking equation, and if found abundantly, it can overshadow many other ranking factors. One can cite instances of web pages that are weak in all the other factors but ranking high primarily because they have acquired countless links with the precise anchor text of the phrase.

Domain Authority is an assured way to feel your presence in the internet. To achieve this, you must operate your site in conformity with the engines established guidelines. Ensure you get lots of trustworthy sites to link to you. Merely being top-ranked in search engines will not do. You must exercise vigil and constantly monitor your behavior to stay at the top. Any indiscretion on your part can create problems again.

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