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The Journey Called Quality :
Quality is a journey, not a destination, and new millennium industry leaders must adhere to world class quality standards to retain the competitive edge in the global marketplace. In order to serve our global clients across major industry verticals, it has been mandatory for the company to develop and maintain a stringent Quality Management System (QMS) that continuously raises our performance level and improves our efficiency.
Quality Assurance is one of the key focus areas and once a solution is developed, our Creative Designing Team steps in to perform the rigorous rituals, required to deliver a robust, flawless, quality product / web design. Website testing at Future Tech Partner is performed at several points in the Development Life Cycle (DLC), as an application is constructed component by component into a functioning system. Our qualified testers carry out intense testing for bugs and flaws and fix the same - all within the strictest time frame.
From Project Analysis through to quality Web Design, Development, Testing and Implementation - Future Tech Partner ensures international quality standards at every phase and evolves ground-breaking methods to enhance the existing procedures and improve productivity.

We prepare a comprehensive test plan for each project, stating the objectives and strategies to be used for specifications and quality validation. After receiving the go-ahead from the web-development team, the project is deployed to the server location for Beta Testing.

Customer Support & Feedback Review :
Ensuring total customer satisfaction is Future Tech Partner's forte and the company has implemented an effective customer relationship management strategy for increased efficiency and overall success. From project kick-off to customer sign-off, Future Tech Partner will work in tandem with you and provide updates on project status. They also solve problems, answer queries and give instant feedback. Future Tech Partner provides 24x7 online support.

After the project delivery, each customer is requested to provide feedback on a number of relevant criteria such as delivery schedule, product quality, issue resolution, communication, risk management, knowledge and professionalism. After obtaining the critical information through relevant questionnaires, we make an in-depth analysis of the valuable data and measure customer satisfaction at all levels. Future Tech Partner also encourages peer reviews for enhancing cross-functional co-ordination and strengthening quality initiatives.

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