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Future Tech Partner Opens .NAME 2LD Registration ( + ) Streamlines .NAME 3LD Price!

As a positive response to our customers' request, Future Tech Partner opens .NAME 2LD (2nd Level Domain, i.e. futuretechpartner.name).
Meanwhile, we decide to streamline .NAME 3LD (3rd Level Domain, i.e. future.tech.name) price as a reward for the loyalty and continuous support of all Future Tech Partner customers.

The New .NAME Prices are as follows:
2nd Lever .NAME (e.g. future.name)
Duration (years)
Price in INR Indian Rupees per annum
Rs. 540/- p.a.
3rd Lever .NAME (e.g. future.tech.name)
Duration (years)
Price in INR Indian Rupees per annum
Rs. 510/- p.a.

*For multiple-year registration or large volume, please contact info@futuretechpartner.com for discount info.

Get your life-long .NAME before it’s taken today!
More info you need to know about .NAME:

You might not get yourname.com , but you can still get yourname.name ;

.NAME is the first domain designed exclusively for you, offering you an unique web address and email address that you can keep for life;
You can register your real name, your nick name and others names;

Not only you can register your own .NAME domain, but also you can buy one as a present for your friends, relatives or even business partner;

It's personal - Whether you use it to show off your holiday photos or as an online portfolio, your .NAME domain is an easy way to express yourself online;

It's global - .NAME is a new global standard for personal Web addresses - in exactly the same way as .com is for business, so you'll be part of a worldwide family of users;

You may choose to register Future.Tech.NAME, Future.NAME, Tech.NAME or FutureTech.NAME.

Domain Prices

  • .com Rs. 580 / year
  • .net Rs. 580 / year
  • .org Rs. 580 / year
  • .biz Rs. 480 / year
  • .co.in Rs. 510 / year
  • .net.in Rs. 510 / year
  • .org.in Rs. 510 / year
  • .gen.in Rs. 510 / year

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