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B2B & B2C Portal Development

In the rapidly evolving world of e-business, portals are no longer simple user interfaces but essential tools for realising business vision.

E-commerce has revolutionised the way business is done and enterprises today need to publish real-time information on products, services, applications and processes on the Internet in order to reach out to huge online markets. Future Tech Partner blends leading-edge technology with cross-industry experience and creative endeavours to design, develop, host and promote full-service B2B (business to business) & B2C (business to consumer) portals to optimise business growth, enhance efficiencies, expand distribution channels and ensure competitive advantage in vertical marketplaces.

According to IBM, portals are next-generation desktop, delivering e-business applications over the Web to all kinds of client devices to form a unified, collaborative workplace. While B2B is primarily concerned with supply chain management and plays a vital role in connecting manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, B2C sites sell products, services and information directly to end-users. No matter what your business model is (B2B or B2C), Future Tech Partner will provide you with a unique, well-structured and completely manageable Web presence that combines information, community and commerce with the reliability and security required for e-business operations.
Future Tech Partner's Solutions : Enhancing Your Base
Future Tech Partner blends strategy, technology and creativity to provide a full range of portal development solutions and services which will meet organisation-specific requirements and help you corner success at the e-marketplace. Whether you are marketing your brand on the Net, selling products/services or providing access to business information - Future Tech Partner will design and implement a solution that best suits your requirements.

From portal consultancy to design, development, hosting and Internet marketing - we walk with you step by step to create fluid, efficient and value-add e-business hubs which are completely scalable and can be further enhanced in line with your business goals. The company integrates data/content, design elements, marketing/sales initiatives, e-commerce applications and maintenance/support measures to create high-impact B2B & B2C portals which will act as your online trading arm and ensure measurable return on investment (ROI). The fully customised e-business platforms will help address target audiences; build business on a global scale; and enhance relationships with trading partners, suppliers and customers.
What We Offer:
B2B & B2C Website design, application architecture and technology support
Business Process Automation & Implementation
Application Development (Microsoft .NET-based Web Solutions; we also support technologies such as CGI/Perl, PHP, WEB Logic, JavaScript, XML and XSL.
Content Development, Content & Document Management
Systems Integration
High-end Web Hosting

Other Services We Provide

Web Design / Web Development
Search Engine Optimization
B2B Portal Development Services
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