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Make Authority Website?
An Authority WebSite attains a special status when many recognize it to be the most well-informed about a specific industry or market segment. An Authority Web Site is an Internet resource that all browsers want to visit, simply because it's a credible website that holds valuable and authentic information. One way of establishing an Authority Web Site is by carefully introducing fresh content consistently within set time frames, using a predetermined content development strategy. For example, adding approximately 20 articles on link building and roughly another 30 articles on SEO over a 4-month period would be classic method of content development strategy.

There are several factors involved in determining the site authority. One key factor is the domain age. Making your content rich in key words and a solid base of quality information to augment and enrich each folder is another well-known method. Content for contents sake serves no purpose but writing in-depth articles or white papers on a subject is one way to extend your global keyword density. Assuming site A has 30 pages and site B has 200 pages and both are involved in relevant ethical linking practices, then the one with more traffic and more links from other authority sites will certainly gain authority faster.

Using social media as the first tier of links to your pages is a positive way of achieving authority and receiving votes. Each vote gives you a little bit more authority and the greater the strong links your pages attract the higher your content can rank independently. Apart from authority, such links can produce relevant traffic. It is said that when you have an authority site, one mention of a keyword can amazingly create top 10 ranking. This is a huge benefit and you can draw visitors directly to your pages by just providing impeccable themed content about a topic or series of topics. Search engine algorithms relies on popularity derived from the number of clicks your site receives if your pages are in the top 10. The secret formula for success is therefore very simple If you have three things - great content, links from high sources and social media exposure and traffic, your site will miraculously grow in traffic.

If you wanted to start a new authority site using specific keywords, you should first conduct some keyword research. Use the list of appropriate chosen keywords to write content - be it post or articles. Create a content of at least 700 to 800 words with key words finding its way in thebeginning, in the middle and at the end of the article. Now, you will have to leverage and extend the reach into a few other respective keywords. The topical relevance that you use in your pages will determine where you will rank when the and your pages mature in the search engines index.

Let us finally once again understand the nature of an Authority Website. The Authority sites are websites full of rich and relevant content and are regularly updated with the latest news, features, reviews, case studies and stories. The authority sites also have outbound links to the pages related to the topics. The large number of sub-domains of a website also help to make it an authority site. Creating an authority site is indeed difficult, but you will succeeed if you exercise patience and adopt the right approach.

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